Hey Hey, Photography!

Sometimes I take pictures. Advertisements

Springfield Arts Fest 2013

Brooke, and Sally are graphic designers, and one of their projects was to create the promotional materials for Springfield Artsfest. In addition to making posters, tickets, t-shirts, banners, and programs they wanted to make… Continue reading

Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes

Time for some updates. A brief bit of background; I have always enjoyed photography. I took the only two film photography classes that were offered at my high school and continued to dabble… Continue reading

Dead Air

Time for a bit of housekeeping, I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. I haven’t been involved in many blogworthy activities lately. Post-grad life has been an ongoing adjustment as I continue… Continue reading


Last year I had the opportunity to work with a great group of students including director Taylor High and audio engineer Kaitlyn Manlove on a short film. Though they all attended Missouri State University at… Continue reading

Tennis Tournament Promo

Here is the second video Peter Jodlowski and I made for Missouri State University’s Campus Recreation program. This promo centers on an overly enthusiastic tennis player, and features cameos from Peter and myself!… Continue reading

Dodgeball Tournament Promo

This is the first of three promotional videos that Peter Jodlowski and myself are producing for Missouri State University’s Campus Recreation program. This promo spoofs old Gatorade commercials and takes inspiration from some… Continue reading


I wanted to devote a post to my senior thesis project that I completed last year; an interactive multimedia piece utilizing multiple pieces of software across a desktop computer, multiple iPads, and a… Continue reading

Current Projects

In the wake of my college graduation I have been keeping busy compiling my work, revisiting and updating some of my previous projects. In addition, I have been working with Peter Jodlowski to… Continue reading

Ghoul School

This short film by Brook Linder was also a product of my graduating class in the Electronic Arts program. I was adamant about being involved in the production of this film and attended… Continue reading